Privacy Policy

We are hereby informing you about the type, extent and purpose of the capture and use of your personal data. We respect your privacy and are committed to precisely following the legal requirements for the processing of your personal data (EU regulation no. 679/2016 (GDPR), DSG 2000, DSG 2018 and TKG 2003). All your personal data is processed on this basis.

The controller for the processing of data is: Marco Biagioli, This privacy statement is addressed to all persons who visit our website as well as all persons whose data we display on this website like players, officials, organizers, referees and trainers.

1 Purpose of the data processing and concerned personal data

According to GDPR, Data subjects are identified or identifiable natural persons, whose personal data are processed by the responsible controller. Within this website and according to its purpose, this concerns players, organisers, trainers, referees and officials. Further data subjects are the visitors of this website insofar we use the personal data in order to evaluate the frequency of the use of the website.

Personal data comprise any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person („data subject“).

This website was built to provide all information linked to the Mitropa Chess Association, which is of public interest. It is our aim to inform about the tournament and thus also promote chess within Europe. We therefore publish personal data like players and organizers, results and photos from the tournaments and events.
Your access data is automatically captured and saved when you access our website. This access data can include which webpage you accessed, any viewed documents, date and time of access, IP address of the user, data of the pc used for access, the browser and operating system as well as data size and the successful access notification, in particular. We use this access data for internal statistical purposes to guarantee the reliability of our presence and improve it. The access data can also be used for evidence preservation in case of suspicion of illegal activity.
When you contact us, you acknowledge that the relevant personal data is saved and processed by us as long as necessary to answer your request. This applies to the enquiries you submit via contact forms, chat and emails in particular. We need this data to process your enquiry.

2 Lawfulness of data processing

The legal foundations for our data processing procedures is public interest as well as our legitimate interest in order to achieve our tasks like explained in section 1 (Art. 6 Par. 1 lit. f GDPR).

3 Transfer of your personal data to third parties

In order to fulfil our tasks like explained in section 1, we will transfer your personal data as follows:

to our IT services provider.
in order to display information of this website on our Facebook page.

4 Cookies, Tracking Services and Third Parties

We use cookies, which are small elements of texts. They are used for saving information in web browsers. Cookies are recognised when you next access the site and contribute considerably to accelerating loading processes and facilitating the use of our site.

Cookies might remain on your end device, following your visit to our site, provided this hasn’t been disallowed from the beginning or you haven’t actively deleted cookies. Actively deactivating cookies may impact the appearance of our webpage for you. You can also prevent cookies from being saved via the appropriate settings in your browser. However, if these settings are activated then we would like to make you aware that you may not be able to access all features of our website.

5 Data protection concerning the use of data with respect to social media

If you follow our link to the social media, please note that this is operated by the social media and follows their rules.

6 Storage period

Basically, we store personal data of sports events permanently in our archive to be able to fulfil our tasks like explained in section 1. The IP address of visitors of this webpage is stored in the log files of the server for no longer than two months and is deleted subsequently.

7 Your rights concerning your personal data

You have the right (i) to free information about your stored personal data and to get copies of these data, (ii) to demand correction or erasure of these data if they are wrong or not used according to law, (iii) to restrict the processing of personal data, (iv) under certain circumstances to withdraw consent on which the processing is based, and where there is no other legal ground for the processing, which will not change the legality of the use of your data before your withdrawal, (v) demand data portability, (vi) to be informed about the identity of third parties to whom we transfer your personal data and (vii) to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

8 Contact data

If you have questions or requests related to this privacy statement please contact:

Maco Biagioli
Mobile: +39 349 8482481