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MITROPA team scores 50% at WRTCC #day1

MITROPA team scores 50% at WRTCC #day1

The MITROPA team features mostly juniors. From left to right, back row: FM Bennet Hagner, Nicolas Perossa, President and Captain Marco Biagioli, Dora Peglau, Tom Dordevic. Front row: WFM Charis Peglau, Paul David Peglau. Photo by Niki Riga – FIDE

The mostly-juniors composed team MITROPA scored 50% of the points in the though first day of the World Rapid Teams Championship.

After a difficult start with ASHDOD elite, featuring Super GMs Eljanov, Volokitin, Fridman and Smirin, where Nicolas Perossa and Silvia Bordin, however, managed to conduct very aggressive games against their opponent, our team struck 6-0 Unischach Bayreuth.

Marco Biagioli and Moshe Slav, captains of MITROPA Chess Association and ASHDOD Elite. Photo by Mark Livshitz – FIDE
Tom Dordevic playing against IM Carlstedt in round 3. Photo by FIDE

In the third round, the draw against Team was affordable, with Tom Dordevic greatly overplaying IM Carlstedt but finally entering a drawish endgame.

Noticeably our youngest player Paul David Peglau was the only winner in this round, but Bennet and Nicolas fought till the end with their opponent in almost winning positions.

In the end, the team lost 4,5-1,5 but showed a great fighting spirit with no fear to play aggressive games against stronger titled opponents.

Again a clear win against the PhileKhoob Chess Club in the round 4, featuring a stronger lineup, that our young team defeated 5-1.

In between the games, our juniors are enjoying preparation with the experienced players WGM Aleksandra Dimitrijević, GM Henrik Teske and M Augusto Caruso (also playing some games).

WGM Aleksandra Dimitrijević preparing the team between round 3 and 4

Today the team will play with the strong team Six-Packs, featuring talented Indian players in quick grow. the morning was dedicated to preparation for the game with our trainer Aleksandra.

At the end of the event, we will post some highlights of the most interesting games and comment on a few thrilling positions with analysis and commentary.

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Text by: Marco Biagioli
Photos: Marco Biagioli, Mark Livshitz, FIDE.